THE HANDMAID’S TALE – The most creative PORTFOLIO WORK by 7A students 

This dystopian novel has been on the TOP-10 lists of the “Most frequently challenged books” in the US since its publication in 1985. This makes it a “bad book”, obviously, bad for those who have got something to hide. Margaret Atwood, the author, has always claimed that the terrifying events of the novel all have their precedents in some of the darkest chapters in world history. Unfortunately, it seems like history keeps repeating itself: The outfit worn by Atwood’s handmaids has emerged as one of the most powerful current feminist symbols of protest against the oppression of women. The most recent evidence can be found on the streets of Tel Aviv, where “Handmaids dressed in crimson robes join anti-government marches. Here is a collection of the creative outcome of 7A-students’ portfolio work – enjoy!