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Seven Sisters

From the 8th to the 12th of November 2004, the 3b enjoyed a great English week: Our 7 Sisters Home School Project! (16.11.04)

On Monday morning we were sitting in our classroom, waiting impatiently for our new English teachers Bob Jackson (42) and Jeff Cobb (38) . We had a lot of expectations and some prejudices, but none of them came true. They were two ‘cool’ teachers from the USA.
At first they split our class into two groups one of which went into another classroom. But we changed classes again every three lessons. We had six lessons a day. At first we introduced ourselves. Then we learned the polite request and practised it in a game. With Jeff we played many sketches, and he also helped us to produce a film throughout the week. The next day was very interesting too because one group made a world record paper airplane, and Bob even explained Bernoulli’s principle to us. The other students were playing baseball instead.
Then we learned about the history of the Blues and we improved our vocabulary greatly. Bob (who is also a professional musician and can play the guitar very well) also taught us some songs like “Tore Up” which we sang at the final presentation on Friday. Our next topic was the the Wild West. I think we were told a lot about cowboys because Bob’s own grandparents were cowboys and we also learned a song called “Coming around the mountain”.
After the Wild West we learned how to use idioms and why we need them. To practise them we acted out some sketches. The next thing we learned about American history was Black Friday and the Great Depression.
On Friday we were all a little bit sad because it was the last day of our beautiful week. We had invited our parents and some other pupils and presented our films, sketches and the summary of the week, and we sang some songs and finally said thank you to Bob, Jeff and Mr. Scheuch, our English teacher, for organising this project.

And let’s say thanks to our parents, too, who paid for all that.
We really enjoyed this week because we had a lot of fun with our teachers, we spent great lessons, learned a lot and played many games.
The only thing we did not like was the fact that this project lasted for only five days: It was too short!