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EiA- English in Action

From the 19th to the 23rd of April the 4a and 4b did an intensive course in English at our school. (25.04.04)

We had great fun and enjoyed it a lot. Our classes were split into 4 groups. One group from each class had their lessons at the Volkshochschule in the city centre and the other two stayed at the BRG. In the middle of our course we took turns. Our teachers were named Cliff, Lucy, James and Victoria and they all came from England.

We had six lessons each day. In the first 4 lessons we played games, had discussions, acted out role-plays, learned some interesting facts about England and improved our English grammar. In every fifth lesson we worked at a project . We made posters, newspapers or photo stories. The last lesson was our drama-lesson: We produced some very funny and interesting sketches like: The killer bunnies, Bank robbery, Giovannis Cafe and The broken mirror.

On Friday we presented our projects and acted out the sketches to our parents and other teachers and pupils.
We really enjoyed that week because we had a lot of fun with our teachers, we spent relaxing lessons, we played a lot of games, we learned a lot and –best of all- we didn’t have to do any homework.

The only thing we did not like was the fact that we did only 5 days of English in Action.

by Laura Zeindl & Nina Stiglbrunner (4a)