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English in Action Week

One special week in English: Two teachers from England in the 3a (01.03.04)

On Monday morning we were sitting in our class and waiting for our new English teachers Fiona and Sarah. They divided us in two groups. We had six lessons every day. Sarah went with one group into the library. Fiona stayed with the other group in the classroom.
Now some little information about our teachers: Sarah McKenzie (26) lives in London with her brother. Her hobbies are: swimming, going to the pub and shopping. Fiona Bennett (26) lives in Oxford. Her hobbies are: theatre, cinema, reading, walking, and travelling.
On the first day we only played games like` Million Show´ and `Zip- Zap- Boing´. The teachers gave us beautiful magic pens with which we could foresee the future!
On the second day we played a game where we learned some of the grammar. We had to buy the right sentences.
Every fifth lesson we worked on our projects like board games, magazines about the week and posters.
Every sixth lesson we studied our theatre plays which we showed our parents on Friday. Group A studied the Simpsons and group B studied some short sketches. The sketches were called “ Using the Light”, “ The Queue” and “ The Bag”.
We also learned some new important parts of the body. For example: chest (Brust), chin (Kinn), throat (Hals), knuckles (Fingerknochen), forehead (Stirn), eyelashes (Augenlider),…
On Thursday in our afternoon lessons we had one great idea! We made an cushions for Sarah and Fiona. All students wrote their names on.
On Friday we showed our projects and we played the sketches to our parents. In the end we gave the cushions to Sarah and Fiona. They were very happy and they rewarded us with a big smile.

All children were very sad when Fiona and Sarah went back to England. We asked our English teacher Mrs. Streibel if they could come again next year because everybody had so much fun.