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BRG Krems in Oxford

Die beiden 7. Klassen des BRG Ringstraße verbrachten im März in Begleitung ihrer Professoren Winkelbauer, Lackner und Kertesz zwei Intensivsprachwochen in Oxford, um Ihre Englischkenntnisse maturareif zu machen (19.03.05)

Insgesamt 39 Schüler und Schülerinnen besuchten wochentags vier Stunden lang den Unterricht der Europäischen Ferienschule (EF) und hatten Gelegenheit, die berühmte englische Universitätsstadt kennen zu lernen.
Neben einem Besuch der bekanntesten Oxforder Colleges, die etwa zwei Drittel des Stadtgebietes einnehmen, konnten die Schüler an zwei Londonfahrten, einem Besuch des Blenheim Palace, des Geburtsorts Winston Churchills, sowie an Sport- und Freizeitaktivitäten teilnehmen.
Die Schüler und Schülerinnen wurden ausnahmslos von den lokalen EF- Lehrern für ihren besonderen Einsatz und ihre hohe Motivation im Unterricht gelobt und vertraten ihre Schule im Ausland auf vorbildliche Weise.
Entsprechend gelöst war die Stimmung auf dieser gelungenen Reise, die sicherlich allen Beteiligten in bester Erinnerung bleiben wird.

Twelve days in Oxford

From Monday the 7th to Friday the 18th of March we -classes 7a and 7b- went to Oxford.
Our journey started at half past seven in Krems, where we met to get the bus to the airport. Everyone was excited and most of us were also a little bit nervous because of the flight. At about 4 pm we arrived in Oxford where we first met our host families, who welcomed us in a very friendly way. My host parents were from India and they were very nice to us, although they had five children themselves and another student from Japan.
Firstly, I’d like to tell you a little bit about our language school. Well, the first week we had lessons till 12:40 pm. After a test the courses were split into three groups, which were taught by three different teachers. After an hour the teachers changed classes. There were two women called Rachel and Katie, who was also our tour guide and a man called Andy. All three of them were very nice and I think that we also profited from their courses. Andy wanted us to write a short essay each day. We were told to write about our trips to London, about our favourite interest or to compare the town of Krems with Oxford. Of course we also talked a lot to improve our speaking abilities. We read poems and discussed them, we created an advertisement ourselves, we told horror stories and we invented a film scene, - a task which was very, very funny. If you imagine however that our classrooms were big and that we had a desk in front of us, like in our school, you are wrong. The classrooms were small and we only had a chair to sit on, on which on the left or the right side, little desks were fixed. Everything was very cramped, but it was an interesting experience.
During the second week we had school till five past twelve. After school we either went shopping, or had lunch or we participated in activities or excursions. In my opinion the choice was manifold. We were able to visit Blenheim Palace, Windsor Castle and Christ Church College, we could go ice-skating, bowling or to the cinema. All these activities were optional.
The only trips that were not, were the two guided tours through Oxford on the first two days and the trip to London. On Tuesday Katie showed us the most important places and buildings, just for not getting lost and to have an overall view. On Wednesday we participated in a guided tour with a professional guide- we were split into three groups again. My tour guide was very friendly and gave us information in a very interesting way, so that listening to her wasn’t boring at all. Well, we saw Queen’s College, the Bodleian Library and many sights.
On Thursday the trip to Blenheim Palace was planned. We got there by bus. This palace is really huge and it is very beautiful. It’s all built in Baroque style. We had a guided tour which lasted a bit too long, but it was quite interesting. Afterwards Katie took us to the garden of the palace. I was so amazed by it, I just couldn’t let my eyes of it. It was so beautiful.
On Friday we visited Christ Church College, where we saw the dining room in which a part of the film “Harry Potter” had been shot.
On the next day we had to get up early, because we were asked to meet at 7:45 am in city centre to catch the train to London. The journey lasted for one hour. When we arrived in London we went to Madame Tussaud’s, the famous museum of wax figures. In my opinion it was very funny, because most of the figures seemed so realistic and we tool a lot of photos.
Afterwards we went to Greenwich by underground, where we looked at the zero meridian. The Katie took us to a boat trip on the Thames, where we passed Tower Bridge, which is really impressing, the Tower of London, the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament with Big Ben.
After half an hour we got out off the boat and went for a walk through another part of London. We saw Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square. In the evening we went back to Oxford by train. It had been a nice but strenuous day. On Sunday some of us visited Windsor Castle, which is an enormous complex of buildings. We went there by train and nobody knew what we had to expect when suddenly this huge palace came into sight.
We saw the dining room, the King’s bedroom and a lot of other luxurious apartments. Luckily, we were able to watch the changing of audience guard.
After having visited the castle we were allowed to go shopping and having lunch and at about 4 pm we went back to Oxford. On Tuesday we went to London for the second time. This time we were allowed to enjoy the day on our own, so some of us went to the National Gallery, to the British Museum or for a walk while others just went shopping in Oxford Street, Covent Garden and Camden Market. Unfortunately, everything in England is very expensive.
On Wednesday we had to visit the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford and on Thursday afternoon we packed our stuff and in the evening we went to a pub with our English and Austrian teachers, where we had a farewell party.
On Friday at quarter to eight we finally arrived in Krems. It had been a great journey, we had lots of fun, made many new experiences and met a lot of friendly people.
I think that we won’t ever forget our tour guide Katie, because she was such a lovely and crazy person.